Our favourite Scandinavian lifestyle trends
  • 4 ways to be more scandi this autumn

    The trend for all things Scandinavian shows no sign of slowing down. Here are our favourite ways to be a little more scandi... 

    4 ways to be more scandi this autumn

    Embrace hygge (again)

    We should all be old pros now when it comes to hygge. Need a quick recap? Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is the Danish concept of cosiness. It’s about closing the curtains on a dreary evening, lighting your candles and burrowing into your favourite blanket. Or spending the afternoon curled by the fire watching your favourite film. This concept is never going to get old, and it’s perfect for the rainy British climate – because goodness knows, we’re all going to need a bit of comfort through the cold months to come!

    4 ways to be more scandi this autumn

    Get the balance right

    The Swedish concept of lagome means “just enough”. It’s about living your life in moderation – whether that’s by leaving work on time every day, or not blowing your whole month’s salary on things you don’t need. In Britain, we have some of the worst work-life balance around. We’re much more likely to stay late at work than our European counterparts. This autumn, why not create better boundaries? Take time to consider the things that are important to you. Will the world come to an end if you don’t reply to that e-mail at 10pm? If the answer is no, then don’t write it. Create a digital detox for yourself and be present in the moment – let your down-time be exactly that.

    Our favourite scandi lifestyle trends

    Learn about lykke

    Lykke (pronounced luu-kah) is the Danish word for happiness and good fortune. The Danes believe that at least part of the key to happiness is being kind and spending time together. How can you apply this to your own life? Get your friends together as often as possible, and try inviting someone new along too. Smile at people you pass in the street, take cake to work even when it’s not your birthday and indulge in random acts of kindness at every opportunity.

    4 ways to be more scandi this autumn

    If all else fails, buy a new jumper

    Even if you don’t know your hygge from your lykke, you can still dress the part. Delight in the colder temperatures and invest in a scandi-inspired knit. It can even double up as your annual Christmas jumper, should you wish it. Which is a true example of lagome if ever we saw one.


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    • Jul 28, 2020

      Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

      — oozmblkdza

    • Nov 08, 2017

      Lykke – my new favourite word. Great blog.

      — Clare Weatherill

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