Spring Entertaining: Picnic Style

spring picnic style
As much as we love the cosy winter months and getting our Hygge on, the bright Spring days ahead are getting us excited for some outdoor entertaining. Today we are talking about Spring entertaining and specifically picnic style! Here are some hands on ideas for hosting picnics during the Spring and Summer months. 

The first thing to think about when planning a picnic is where to hold it. Here in Wales, we have so many beautiful green spaces and beaches that we are a little bit spoiled for choice. The National Trust in the UK has a fantastic resource for finding perfect picnic spots, but it's great to find areas that are less popular too! Seek out your local parks, botanical gardens, river side areas and woodland spots, all you will need is enough space to lay a blanket and you are set. If you are lucky enough to live near the coast the beach is a good place, but equally, seek out lakes and rivers for that same relaxing waterside feel. If you don't want to venture far from home, how about using your garden or even having a street picnic with neighbours?

Obviously we need to talk about food because it's the core of your picnic! Most picnics will be a bring and share affair which works well as an ice breaker if some guests haven't met before too. A fantastic potato salad will get people talking! Classic British treats such as pork pies, scotch eggs and cake will always go down well as they are easy to eat, but you can mix up the menu with some salads, rice and cheese too. Just don't forget the cheese board (our one comes with knives too). Fruit is always a great choice as people can graze on berries throughout the day and you can pop them into drinks for the warmer season such as Pimms and Prosecco!

Practical things
Once you've sorted the food, it's important to remember some practical items too. Picnic hampers are great for carrying all the cutlery and plates, but you'll also need to take napkins, cups and rubbish bags incase your chosen location doesn't have bins. A large blanket to sit on is a must and perhaps consider a location with benches or take a fold out chair for older guests that might need a comfier seat. We love taking a cooler to keep drinks nice and cold - you will be everyone's best friend if you hand them a cold beer on a warm day! Umbrellas are also a must for the most likely UK rain shower in Spring and for sheltering from the direct sun in summer. We recommend taking a sweater for when the sun goes down too.

One of the best things to do at a picnic (besides eating of course), is to play some outdoor games! We love a game of giant Jenga or Quoits, but also frisbee! Having some games to keep guests entertained is recommended, especially if there are children who want to make the most of the outdoor space. There is also no reason that board games can't be enjoyed outside, we have played many a game of Scrabble on a picnic blanket.

Capture the memories
Don't forget your camera! One of our favourite things to do is to take photos and keep them in our personalised wooden memory boxes. Maybe your picnic is just a romantic one for the two of you, or perhaps it's a big family occasion when you all get together. Regardless of the reason, it's a great opportunity to get some candid photos and capture the day's memories.
picnic ideas


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