The Best Trends of 2016
  • Well, 2016 was quite the year wasn't it? The Dust and Things team grew and the workshop was the busiest it has ever been! We hung out with our workshop dog Juno lots, had some fun parties and enjoyed watching all the trends of the year come and go. 

    Today we wanted to share some of those trends we loved and we want to hear from you about which trends you couldn't ignore last year!

    Breaking Bread Board

    Oversized knitting

    This was one huge trend that you couldn't miss. Giant needles and yarn were all the rage and super chunky blankets, cushions and foot stalls were a must on interior wish lists. We love Lauren Ashton's throws and she even has kits available for you to try the craft out yourselves.

    Enamel Pins and 90s Nostalgia

    We definitely saw so many 90s trends making a comeback! Childhood memories of collecting badges and pins came flooding back to us when the enamel pin became a thing again. There are so many grown up versions to choose from now too like this cool coffee pin from Nikki McWilliams.

    Netflix boxsets

    Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, House of Cards, the list goes on! Netflix made it OK to binge on a box set again - they say staying in is the new going out. Perfect excuse for us to make lots of our popular Breaking Bread Boards!

    What trends did you love in 2017?


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    • Mar 22, 2017

      Plseniag to find someone who can think like that

      — Anisha

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