The Dust & Things Guide to Gorgeous Gifts

Dust & Things personalised gifts

Here at Dust & Things we know a thing or two about gifts. We love to make people happy, whatever their stage in life. We’ve cracked the winning formula to make presents that are both beautiful and useful. Something to treasure, yes, but also something to be used again and again – bringing back happy memories every time.

Make it personal

Buying a meaningful present is the clever thing to do. Why? Because you want it to be cherished. Maybe it’s a fun memento of happy times or a gift tailored to a specific interest or hobby – whatever it is, it will be special because it’s unique. Our range of personalised gifts make it easy for you to find beautiful objects that can be imbued with a message to last a lifetime.

Dust & Things personalised gifts

Big birthdays

Whether you’re buying a gift for an 18th, a 30th or a 60th birthday, it needs to be special. Step forward our personalised photo frames. Each wooden frame is engraved with a personal message, which just leaves you to find an amazing photo to fill it with!

Dust & Things personalised birthday frames

Graduations and new jobs

Celebrating the next exciting stage of someone’s life? It’s traditional to open a bottle of fizz, but once it’s gone, it’s gone. Make it a lasting gift with one of our specially engraved wooden wine boxes. Even after the wine is drunk, the box can become a special keepsake for life’s little mementoes: photos, tickets and even champagne corks!

Dust & Things personalised wine box graduation gift


A wedding present needs to be special, but it can also be useful. Combine the two with one of our beautiful cheese boards. They’re built to last – plus, we can carve in the initials of the happy couple and the date of their wedding. It’ll be a lasting reminder of their love – plus, they're the perfect excuse to hold a cheese and wine party! 

Dust & Things personalised cheese board wedding gift

A new home

What better way to welcome someone to their new home is there than a reminder to eat, drink and be merry? Moving home is one of the most chaotic times of our lives. Make a friend’s life easier by delivering them a special care package full of goodies. Choose them a personalised bottle of prosecco, food and some cheery coasters to brighten up their new home.

Dust & Things personalised prosecco house warming gift

Babies and christenings

The arrival of a new baby calls for a special and timeless gift. Finding such a present isn’t always the easiest task! Luckily, our personalised vintage baby spoons make it easy for you. Each silver-plated spoon is a little different, and can be hand-stamped with a name or message of your choice. They’re the perfect keepsake.

Dust & Things personalised vintage baby spoon christening gift

The perfect retirement present

Wine, cheese boards and coasters are all a lovely choice, but you should also consider one of our personalised keepsake boxes. They’re a beautiful and useful way to remember what’s gone before, but also a lovely place to store all the mementoes from memories yet to be experienced during retirement.

Dust & Things personalised keepsake box retirement gift

And remember, what’s on the outside of a present is just as important as what’s on the outside.

Take care to put that little extra effort in wrapping your gifts. Simple, elegant wrapping can lift even the humblest present to new heights. Choose the nicest paper you can find and copy little touches from the pros – like double sided tape and co-ordinating ribbons. Oh, and don’t forget a card – luckily we have those too!

Dust & Things greeting card


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