The new rustic wedding: trends we're loving this summer
  • The rustic wedding style isn't new... We've been loving outdoor weddings, tipis, and informal settings for a while. But there are some gorgeous new trends this year that have caught our eye!

    Naked cakes - with a twist

    "Naked cakes" might seem a bit more suggestive than it really is! This trend is all about the icing: lightly iced or no icing at all so you can see the sponge and the filling beneath.

    This year, there have been some gorgeous twists on this trend, including a "naked ombre" with varying levels of icing all the way up. Totally lovely and delicious!

    Naked ombre cake by Two Little Cats Bakery

    Naked Ombre Cake by Two Little Cats Bakery

    Wooden rounds as table centres

    Wooden textures and rustic weddings are the perfect pair! We've seen more and more wooden rounds for table centres, cake displays and even with wording on them. Totally gorgeous! And this one is paired with beautiful yellow daisies - just right 2017/18!

    Rustic wedding trends 2017

    Succulent wedding favours

    It can be hard to find wedding favours that are enjoyed by all. We love seeing so many succulents given as gifts to guests - something to grow and nurture, just like a marriage! They're gorgeous, and building a favour or card table covered in succulents sounds like a dream...

    Flowers everywhere

    There are so many gorgeous ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding day: stationery, decorations, bouquets, the list is endless! For rustic weddings, you can't get too many flowers! Here's a trend we've noticed more of: floral designs on shoes and clothing. Even the groom's outfit can carry florals through!

    Have you been to any amazing rustic weddings this year?


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