Three of our fave bowties
  • You may have been expecting to see some rather dapper gents in this post but we thought we go one better... and bring you dapper pets! Prepare for cute overload while we share three of our fave pet bowties!


    Make sure your pooch is always party ready with these fabulous bowties by Pup Tart Handmade.



    Your kitty will certainly be the envy of all the cool cats on the block with these gorgeous hand made cat bowties.




    And let's not forget the fashion conscious bunny out there too! You can treat your floppy eared fur baby to an array of bunny bow ties at Heathy Nibbles.


    Now if they don't want to make your run out and buy your furry friend a bow tie (or run out and buy a pet if you don't already have one!) then I'm not sure what will...

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