Three of our fave.....Holiday Films
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    We think one of the best times of the year is that quiet period between Christmas and New Year. It's a great time to have some sofa days under the blanket catching up on all the best holiday films and eating the left over cheese.
    Today we're sharing with you three of our favourite Holiday Films!
    It doesn't feel like Christmas has happened until we've watched Elf! It's filled with magic and festive twinkle as an Elf adventures away from the North Pole to New York to find his real family. Will Ferrell at his best!
    Planes, Trains and Automobiles
    80s Holiday films always make us smile. Neal and Del end up trying to get home for Thanksgiving together and there are tons of comedy moments on the way. We love it.
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    We're never quite sure if this one is a Halloween or Christmas film, so we've decided it's acceptable to watch it all year round! Especially as we love Halloween and all things spooky here at Dust and Things.
    What are your favourite films to watch over the holidays?

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