Three of our fave office snacks
  • You know the feeling, it gets to 10.30am, you've already had breakfast, which feels like a lifetime ago, and lunch is an eternity away but hunger is harassing you. Or maybe you always hit that mid-afternoon hump and need a little something to see you through until home time.

    We're big fans of snack o'clock and seeing as it can fall at any time of the day, we like to be prepared with our three favourite go-to nibbles! So avoid getting hangry and why not try some of these...

    Mid-morning munchies

    Light, crunchy, not bad for you a with so many more flavours cropping up now, popcorn can be the perfect snack to nibble on and keep you going until lunchtime.

    Late lunch

    OK by late lunch, we might mean a second lunch but if it's healthy it doesn't count right? Try a lovely selection of fresh vegetable crudités and something scrummy to dunk them in. Hummus, tahini or pea and mint dip are all super yummy!

    Afternoon delight

    Time to get naughty, and what better way to misbehave than donuts! Whether sugar glaze, jam filled or all out sprinkles is your thing, you can't beat a donut with your afternoon brew.

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    • Mar 22, 2017

      Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good inonamrtifo.

      — Caiya

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