We Asked Bloggers To Review Our Products

We Asked Bloggers To Review Our Products

At Dust and Things, we regard customer satisfaction as our number one priority. It means an incredible amount to us because we know that when you see a beaming review, it's came from an honest place. 

We thought we'd ask a few lifestyle bloggers to review our 'Mum, You are Tea-riffic Coloured Edge Coaster' as a part of their Mother's Day Gift Guide. We were so excited to see the response and the lovely images they had taken!

Kate Loves
Instagram & Twitter @kateballamy

We've fallen in love with fellow welshie, Kate Ballamy's blog. Her blog and Instagram feed oozes with femininity and a lovely dusting of pink tones, we just knew that our coaster would fit in nicely with her Mother's Day Guide. 

Here's a section from Kate's review:

"Next up, is a wooden engraved coaster- engraved with the words 'Mum, you are Tea-rrific' - which I think is such a brilliant pun, making it such a fun mother's day gift. You can also add your own personalised message to the back too, which I would definitely recommend doing if you're looking to by one as I think personal presents are definitely the most special."


"I'm sure any mum would love to receive something like this from their daughter or son on mother's day! Aswell as the personalised message you can also change the colour of the edging too, the colour in the photos below is called 'Sage' but there are some other gorgeous colours to choose from too."

Read her gift guide here.

If you think Kate's review is *awesome* and you'd love to purchase this coaster for someone you love, you can get 10% off by entering KATESGIFTGUIDE at the checkout.

Did you know? You can personalise this coaster with name that you prefer. Buy it here.

Of Beauty and Nothingness - Heather Nixon
Instagram & Twitter @ofbeautyand

Next up is the lovely Heather! She had some really lovely things to say about our coaster. Take a read below.

"..[here] is an adorable coaster from the lovely people at Dust & Things which have such a gorgeous range of gifts ...You can choose the colour of the edges of the coaster from tangerine, mint, coral, white, grey, lavender or sage, I chose the pebble grey shade as it fits with the decor and colour scheme of our living room and kitchen the most. 

The coaster is engraved with the message "Mum you are tea-riffic" on the front which is such a cute and very British message! I love the design of the coaster, it's such a unique and lovely gift to give, especially as a Mother's Day gift. It is made in Britain using hand crafted solid steamed beech hardwood and it's exclusive to Dust & Things."

Heather also made a lovely video to showcase our coaster which you can see below. Read her full blog here.

You can also get 10% off using Heather's discount code which is: HEATHERSGIFTGUIDE

Sophie Hearts

Instagram & Twitter - @sophieheartsnet

Last but certainly not least, we have a review from Sophie. She has some great gifts in her gift guide and we were really glad that she made some really lovely comments.

Mothers day gift guide

"A coaster definitely isn’t the typical Mothers Day gift, but that’s what makes this pick so unique. There are so many people who are absolute tea-aholics and this is a perfect, quirky gift for any of them! My mum loves a good cuppa, but I’m not sure anyone does quite as much as my Nan! I’m planning to gift this to her on Sunday and I already know she’ll love it!

Mothers day gift guide

The personalised coasters from Dust & Things are perfect gifts for any tea-lover Mums and Nans out there! You can personalise the whole design to quote any name, so ‘Mum’, ‘Nan’, ‘Jenny’ etc. and you can also add a little message on the back, which is such a sweet touch and one that I know a lot of Mums out there would appreciate! Some personalised gifts aren’t to my taste because I think that they 
can look quite tacky, but you don’t need to worry about that at all with these! They’re so beautifully made to a really high quality. Dust & Things have kindly given me a 10% discount code for you all, just enter HEARTSGIFT10 at the checkout for a saving!"


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