We have a SLIDE in our workshop!
  • Yes, you read that correctly. We have a slide in our workshop and of-course, it's awesome. It's a surprise any work gets done here at Dust and Things as no-one ever takes the stairs anymore.

    You cannot deny the happiness you experience when you take a trip down the slide. Every single person that has been down it so far has emerged with beaming smiles and laughter; it's such a cool thing to have AT WORK!


    Mike believes that job satisfaction and better mental health, especially at work. We spend a 1/3 of our lives in the workplace, so why make it a miserable place to be? Mike and Sian are extremely mindful of this and goes above and beyond daily to make working for Dust and Things the best place it can possibly be.

    And if that means installing a slide for the sake of better mental health in the workplace... so be it! Take a look at our Facebook and Instagram page for slide videos. Why not follow us while you're visiting? There's endless goodies and giveaways to be won!


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