Winter Days Out
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    The crisp, cold air this winter has been refreshing, even if snowfall has been a little light here in the UK! During the winter months we love cosying up indoors and having that hygge feeling, but there's nothing like getting some fresh air to give you rosy cheeks and clear the cobwebs.
    Our favourite winter days out include long frosty walks through the woods (dog optional!) followed by a warming pub lunch in front of an open fire. Beach walks are also surprisingly enjoyable during January, if you can wrap up to stay warm in the wind!
    Or if you prefer indoor plans, there's something quite indulgent about going to see a movie on a Sunday afternoon. We especially love the retro cinemas with sofa seats and unique snacks. Anything that involves snacks is a good activity in our book!
    We'd love to know what you are getting up to this January.

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    • Apr 15, 2017

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      — Deandre

    • Mar 22, 2017

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      — Marel

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