Yellow: Bringing Colour Into Your Living Space
  • Bringing colour into your home can sometimes feel a bit daunting, especially if it is a bright and bold tone that you haven't explored before. Adding colour to a living space can show your personality and can be a great way to find a theme for a room. A colour will also give your room a particular feel and can evoke certain emotions or create a lighter mood.


    Yellow is often associated with joy and happiness and also energy. It is a colour which evokes cheerfulness and can stimulate mental activity. A bright palette such as yellow will draw attention, so it is a great colour to use when you want to highlight certain design features of a room. Lighter shades of yellow are often trickier to master for the interior of your home, as they can disappear into white. It is best to combine them with darker shades such as navy to highlight the warmer tones. 

    So how can you bring colour into your living space, particular one as bold as yellow?

    Create colourful features

    Rather than painting an entire room yellow, creating a colourful feature within a room will be more visually pleasing and less overwhelming. Look for features in your living space that you can bring the colour to. Perhaps a yellow archway or a reading nook could benefit from a bright hue? Or how about adding yellow tiles to a fireplace to make it the focal point of a room? Maybe a yellow patterned wallpaper to make a really bold statement. Only choose one and really commit to it!

    Paint the details of your room

    If you are not confident enough to paint an entire feature in a room, look for the details that could work with colour. Window frames or even a traditional radiator can become a feature once they have been overhauled. Bringing the bright yellow tones to something that wouldn't ordinarily be painted will certainly draw the eye and perhaps even create a talking point. We love the idea of painting book shelves, so that a small pop of colour shows.


    Statement furniture pieces

    Statement furniture can be a really fun way to bring colour into the living space of your home. We absolutely love yellow sofas and the range of styles available is vast. On trend velvet pudding sofas make for a cosy and soft feel, whilst a more formal wool sofa can add a modern feel - particularly in yellow! It's also possible to explore a statement arm chair or sideboard in a bright colour. Larger, colourful pieces in your room will allow you to create a focal point from which to build your style around.


    Digby Throw - Lauren Aston Designs

    Decorative touches and soft furnishings

    Perhaps you rent your home and you are not able to paint walls or purchase large statement pieces. You can still inject colour into a space with your soft furnishings and decorative touches. Making a rolled edged lampshade with yellow fabric is not too difficult, or if you have a sewing machine you can stitch some throw pillows fairly cheaply. It's definitely possible to add colour on a budget! One of our favourite ways to bring colour into a space is to add flowers. This time of year is perfect for daffodils and tulips and they never fail to make us smile.

    Are you a colour lover? We would love to hear your interior ideas and inspirations.


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    • Aug 19, 2017

      omg I love this yellow, Ive been looking for yellow items and just no where sells it! Especially not buttercup yellow!

      — Stacey Chadfield

    • May 10, 2017

      I love these colours together not something I would of chosen myself but looks great

      — Denise walton

    • Mar 21, 2017

      Hoi Jongens, bedankt voor de uitnodiging. Wainjchajrlisk gaat het ons niet lukken. Doen we andere keer over.Even een vraag : wanneer verschijnt het boek?

      — Lynn

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