Your guide to modern boho interiors
  • Your guide to modern boho interiors

    The boho trend has grown up. Think it’s still all about tie-die and sparkly beads? Think again. Right now, the bohemian look is all about modern luxury. And the best bit? It’s comfortable, practical and affordable.

    Give your home flexibility

    Being bohemian isn’t just about style, it’s a state of mine. Think of your home as an ever-evolving concept, and don’t be afraid to be flexible. Make your home a sociable place: arrange your furniture in little groups to encourage conversation and flow, and use shelves and fabric to create natural divisions in the space. Change things around as often as you can – the one thing a boho home should never be is boring!

    Find luxury in natural materials

    Reject shiny perfection and fill your home with the natural beauty of wood, slate, granite and the soft warmth of wool and cotton. Look for furniture and soft furnishings that are stripped-back and beautifully imperfect.  Simple mid-century furniture in blond wood sit perfectly with woven cushions, jute rugs and smooth, cool slate. The key is to keep things light and simple. Our collection of wooden boards are a great way to embrace this look.  

    Dust & Things Personalised oak or walnut board

    Don’t be afraid to be monochrome

    One of the surprising things about the modern boho look is the simple colour palette. You don’t even need to go beyond black and white, unless you want you. Add depth to your room by mixing textures – chunky weaves, soft fur, bleached wood.

    Use colour wisely

    Compliment your simple palette with bursts of colour. Used sparingly, bright colours will bring your room to life. Choose hero pieces that’ll live and breathe the laid-back boho vibe – a bright kilim rug, a richly embroidered cushion, a burnished gold bowl.

    Your guide to modern boho interiors

    Choose light, open shelves

    The boho interior should be full of light and fluidity. Don’t fill a room with heavy furniture – choose freestanding, backless shelves to divide your room, without blocking the light. Look for designs with a laid-back seventies influence.

    Find objects with a story to tell

    The modern boho look is all about authenticity. Add character to your home with objects with hidden depths. This might be a piece of furniture with a quirky history, a collection of shells you found on the beach or a dream catcher you’ve had since you were a teenager. Don’t forget to keep things simple. It’s better to display one beautiful object and let it speak for itself, than let its voice be lost in a sea of clutter.

    Your guide to modern boho interiors

    Embrace the basket

    Woven baskets will always be a key part of the boho look. Keep things minimal and choose only the most simple and elegant designs. Classic belly-baskets dipped in light colours, or embellished with sequins, are both on-trend and incredibly useful. Fill yours with houseplants, blanket or magazines.

    And why not sit in a basket chair too?

    They’re comfortable and tick every box for the natural, boho interior. Don’t overwhelm your room with rattan furniture – keep things simple and modern and choose one key piece. 

    Your guide to modern boho interiors: the basket chair

    Get a wall hanging

    The right wall hanging will add character and interest to your walls. Steer clear of the orange macramé of yesteryear, and choose a design made from the softest, lightest fibres. Choose a small hanging that won’t crowd your room.

    What are your favourite boho pieces? We'd love to hear more!









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