Inspired by... Graduates
  • Many good people all over the UK and the world are doing something very special over the coming weeks and months: graduating. 

    Oh yes, it's that time of year when the hard work (and partying) is rewarded with caps, gowns, awkward photos and a certificate that says, "You're clever, well done."

    Whether it's a Bachelors, Masters, PhD, or Diploma, graduation is an important moment to celebrate the years of learning, creating, experimenting, writing, thinking, deciding and working that have paid off.

    Before jumping into career decisions, before deciding on what's next (or perhaps while deciding what's next), let's take a moment to congratulate the graduate.

    Because sometimes, when we do something amazing, like get a degree, we need other people, those closest to us, to show us just how amazing it is. We need mums, dads, friends, proud aunties, sisters and brothers to remind us that we've achieved something. To remind us not to skip to the next thing too quickly. And we so often need something to look back on, a memory to evoke courage and determination later on.

    Here are our latest and greatest offerings to help you celebrate a graduation this year:

    A modern twist on the classic graduate photo:

    Graduate photo frame

    This engraved photo frame is a lovely way to display official photos or family snaps from the day. Give it to the graduate, or to proud parents and grandparents.

    For those who need reminding that they can, in fact, believe in themselves:

    Our 'she believe she could so she did' coaster is perfect for the graduate's desk as they embark on the next phase.

    Get them dreaming big:

    Start small, dream big graduation photo frame

    Another beautiful engraved photo frame, this message is all about remembering those big dreams and small beginnings. Perfect with a photo of the graduate and their biggest supporters.

    Who are you celebrating this summer? We can't wait to find out!

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