Our favourite new interiors trends
  • New interiors trends

    We’re always on the lookout for new trends. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to drastically re-think the style of your home every six months. It's all about little design tweaks. 

    So, what’s currently on our radar?


    Think concrete can’t be luxurious? Think again. The smooth simplicity of polished concrete looks stylish whether it’s in a bathroom or on a kitchen worktop. It makes a sweeping statement –  but also looks surprisingly soft and welcoming. Most of us aren’t quite ready to have great swathes of concrete in our homes, but we can all try this trend on a smaller scale. Look for concrete plant pots – they’re a simple and elegant way to show off your houseplants. You can even have a go at making your own. 

    Concrete bathroom

    Greenery is here to stay

    This fresh shade of green is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017. This is one trend which is sticking around. Haven't tried it yet? Now’s the time to really embrace it. Choose a green velvet sofa, or a palm leaf print wallpaper.  For a fresh look, combine with dusky pink. Or if you want a more opulent feel, mix with deep midnight blue.

    Turn your books back to front

    Shelves crammed with multi-coloured books can feel messy and cluttered. A few years back we were all trying the colour-coding trend. Now, the new thing to try is turning your books back to front. Sure, it’ll make finding your favourite novel a little tricky, but it does look rather pretty.

    Clever ways to display your books

    Black is back

    One of the most interesting trends that has emerged this summer is an interest for black interiors.  Don’t rush to paint your walls black though, this trend is all about accents and accessories. Choose black frames for your pictures, a matt-black vase for your flowers or a bold typography print – and, if you’re really brave, consider painting your doors in a monochrome scheme.

    Look to the 1970s

    Got an old record player in the loft? Dust it down and start using it again. Listen to your old vinyl while sitting in your new cane chair – believe us, you’ll be seeing a lot of these this autumn. You can also give a nod to the decade with bold cushions and rugs.

    1970s style cane chair  

    Shower Plants

    Plants in the bathroom is another new-old trend that’s big right now. Choose plants that love moist, steamy conditions like orchids and aloe vera. 

    Everyone can be a collector

    Ever heard of cabinets of curiosity? They used to be grand cupboards in big houses, crammed with interesting collections – ancient relics, exotic shells, crystals and small paintings. Why not curate a collection within your own home? You don’t have to be ambitious. It could be anything from beautiful shells to crystals. Group together on a shelf, or under domes, for an interesting nod towards the curios of the past.

    New interiors trends

    Textures – the fluffier the better

    Carpets and rugs are getting fluffier. Try a on-trend Berber rug for an instant update. These white and cream coloured rugs with their black geometric designs were traditionally made in Morocco by the Berber tribe. They’re everywhere right now and will add touch of exotic chic to your home. Tossing faux sheepskins over your armchairs and sofas is also a great, low-cost, way to embrace this trend.

    What's inspiring you right now?





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